Zipporah Lomax photographs children–and their parents–who attend the dusty desert bacchanal in Nevada known as Burning Man.

By Jordan G. Teicher at Slate:

Kids sometimes appear solo in Lomax’s photos, but just as often they appear with their parents and other adults. That’s no accident. Through her book, Lomax wants to show that Burning Man—more than just a place to party—is a community where people of all ages interact and share.

“Just as any city is multigenerational, so is Black Rock City. The presence of kids on the playa is demonstrative of this truth. As such, they don’t play a ‘role’ any more than they do in any city—other than to be kids, doing what kids do. The burner parents who bring them believe this experience to be truly enriching, a culture they are very much a part of that they want to share with the closest people to them,” she said.

This story was originally published on July 31st, 2015. Pro-order Dusty Playground here