Listen to an interview with architect Pedro Henrique de Cristo who, along with his wife Caroline, started +D // Design with Purpose, an “antidisciplinary studio that conducts research, design and development integrating public policy, architecture and technology to create public value, intergenerational legacies and systemic change.” Their work on Parque Sitie has transformed the former landfill into Rio de Janeiro’s first “agro-forest.”

From and  on The Takeaway:

The Urban Park and Institute was born out of that initiative — it’s owned and operated by residents who help educate citizens on sustainability, land reform, and participatory democracy.  

Sitie was recognized by Brazil’s Department of Environment as Rio de Janeiro’s first agro-forest. Alejandro Echeverri, the pioneer of social urbanism, called it the most important social innovation in Latin America. The de Cristos launched Agora Digital in 2014, which serves as a hub for dialogue and activism and has furthered the empowerment of under served communities in Brazil’s slums.

This story was originally published on June 21st, 2016.