An underground punk pioneer paints portraits that highlight the influence of women, Latinos, and LGBT rockers on the movement’s early days.

By Liz Ohanesian at KCET Artbound:

With the Castration Squad pieces, Bag is doing more than simply capturing a moment in the lives of her inner circle. She’s bringing to light parts of L.A. punk history that have long been ignored. This is a major part of Bag’s work that extends beyond the paintings. She has interviewed a number of women from the L.A. punk underground–including Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go’s), Philomena Bessy (Slash Magazine) and filmmaker Allison Anders– for a series that appears on her websites. She has also been gathering the stories of Latino participants in the early punk scene. She says that a lot of the interviews overlap with discussing LGBT representation in the community. “I was finding that there was this whole other narrative to make it sound like it was, the early L.A. scene, was a white male scene,” says Bag. That’s not necessarily the world that she saw take shape inside L.A. nightclubs. She’s providing first-hand accounts because it needs to be done. Says Bag, “We can’t expect other people to tell our story for us.”

This story was originally published on September 4th 2014.