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The arts and culture create economies of empathy…we have seen them play an integral part in building a wide range of social movements, from the civil rights movement to the Arab Spring. Artists challenge the status quo and give voice to those left out and left behind. Artists imagine a better world and inspire others to join in building it. They move us to hope, joy, compassion, resolve and, ultimately, action.”


The Art of Change is a yearlong initiative from the Ford Foundation exploring the interplay of art and social justice in the world today. The goal is to engage in a meaningful dialogue with artists, cultural leaders, scholars, activists and social justice leaders to think about important questions and opportunities that lie at the intersection of art, culture and social justice. Through these conversations, we hope to have a better understanding of how expression and creativity can shape a more just and equitable future for all.

The Art of Change is produced by Helicon Collaborative.

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The Art of Change initiative includes:

  • Thirteen Visiting Fellows pursuing independent study on diverse issues related to art and social justice.
  • Convenings exploring the relationship of culture to themes of identity, meaning, diversity and freedom.
  • A curated website hosting conversations and content about the connection of art and culture to social justice